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Manolis Brothers For The Home Owners Who Put Quality First

When you hire our expert team at Manolis Brothers Painting Company, we want you to be be thrilled with every phase of your painting and wallpaper installation process. We accomplish the work at affordable prices without comprising the quality of our work.

Whether you are painting your home or a commercial building, wallpaper installation or cabinet finishing, you can trust our experienced team to do the right job from start to finish. Every project is completed according to your specifications and schedule.

How We Work

Initial Contact & Estimation

Proposal & Project Approval

Work Scheduling & Material Orders

Project Work & Inspection

Why Choose Us

  • Competitive Prices

    We offer wallcovering installation, painting, wood finishing, cabinet refinishing and other services at affordable prices without comprising the quality of our work.

  • Family Owned and Operated

    We are trusted, licensed, and insured painting contractors. We have an outstanding reputation in the community for providing exceptional work and customer support.

  • Experienced Wallpaper Installers & Painters

    Our Team of Painters and Wallpaper Installers are skilled, certified and experienced focused on detail, solid craftmanship, and exceptional customer support. We provide high-end workmanship and industry leading warranty.

Manolis Brothers goes beyond simple guidelines for behavior. Using high-quality tools and paint isn't enough.

– We guarantee that our staff will always have access to the supplies, materials, and security measures they need to do their duties with the utmost care.
– We have made a pact with our staff to invest in their professional growth.
– Our staff swears that they will always put principle ahead of expediency and do the right thing to the best of their ability.
– We guarantee that your house will be treated with the utmost care and consideration as part of our service to you.
–  This is a promise to make amends for any errors.
– We have a responsibility to the future of the painting business to always improve our craft and pass it on to the next generation.
– We have a responsibility to lend a hand and get involved in the lives of others around us.
– Creating a firm founded on the ethics and morals we hope our children will internalize is a promise to our loved ones.
– Some might think it’s absurd for a painting business to have such lofty objectives and stringent requirements. Maybe. However, we think that if you’re going to do something, you should do it properly regardless of whether or not it’s your job.

Completed Projects