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Exterior Home Painting Services in Palm Beach, FL and Nearby Areas

We understand that every single home is different and represents the owner’s sense of style, much like individuals. We take extra care to guarantee that the house owner’s goals come to life when altering a space, making an impression, and adding curb appeal to an exterior. We never take for granted the difference that a fantastic paint job can make, and hearing positive feedback from consumers makes us feel sincerely satisfied.

We have the expertise that property owners have grown to value and rely on after more than thirty years in the industry. We never save on quality, therefore we only use premium paints that are dependable and long-lasting. Our study demonstrates that neither elegance nor robustness should be given up. In order to guarantee an attractive finish with permanence, our highly qualified staff will always make sure the structure and surfaces are correctly prepared.

Manolis Brothers is a great choice for home jobs of all shapes and sizes since we have access to a broad variety of skills and expertise. Whether you own a custom-built luxury house or a rental property, we have the knowledge to provide you a painting solution that of the highest quality.

In the Photo Gallery or by reading Testimonials from prior clients, you can see some of our excellent work.

Exterior Painting Services:

Our Exterior Painting Process

Pressure wash exterior of home using outdoor bleach/water solution to ensure a clean substrate.
Scrape all loose paint on home and prime bare surfaces as needed using specific primers for different surfaces.
Apply Peel Bond primer to areas of wood siding or trim that are badly damaged to help protect them from further damage.
Remove failed caulk on home and replace with new elastomeric caulking.
Cover and protect decking, concrete, surrounding areas, windows and other items that will not be painted.
Apply two coats of paint to all surfaces and back roll wood siding between coats. Siding will be painted with a spray application and trim will typically be painted with a brush/roller application.

Do a thorough clean up of all areas and walk around home with customer for final inspection.

Our close-knit team of professional and experienced house painters will treat you and your property with the utmost respect. We have incredibly low turn-over on our team, leading to highly efficient and knowledgeable team members who know exactly how things should be done.

Additionally, our experienced sales team will guide you through the entire process of painting your home and explain the many different options involved. We will also advise you on any potential issues that may arise and be completely transparent with you throughout the project. Lastly, we offer one of the best warranties in the painting industry and will always fight to protect our customers and their investments.

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