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Furniture Refinishing and Repainting Services in West Palm Beach County, FL

Give Your Old Furniture a Complete Makeover

Would you like to give your furniture a new look and reinforce its old parts? Rely on the skilled crew at Manolis Brothers Furniture Refinishing to assist you with complete furniture refinishing.

Manolis Brothers Furniture Refinishing is a local family-owned business with over 100 years of combined experience. We believe in offering our customers top-quality work at an affordable price

Wood furniture refinishing can be done on:

Furniture refinishing is very important. Preserving furniture is a great way to keep your family heirlooms and pieces preserved and looking like new. By finding a reliable furniture refinishing company, you will find quality and expert services that fit your needs.

Refinishing your furniture will return it to its original beauty and give you many more years of service. An expert craftsman will work within your home to provide the appropriate refinishing of your furniture. Since your furniture and antiques can be a substantial investment, we know the refinishing process can protect that investment and return it to its original state.

Whether it’s refinishing antiques or enhancing the natural beauty of your wood furnishings, you can turn to a local expert technician at Manolis Brothers.

Furniture Restoration, Refinishing & Repair Services By Manolis Brothers, West Palm Beach County, FL

Manolis Brothers provides a wide range of services backed up by half a decade of experience in furniture restoration. We are mainly a furniture and cabinet repair, refinish, and re-upholstery company which specializes in antiques, pianos, and fine quality furniture. What makes our services unique and valuable, however, is the focus on hand-workmanship and the meticulous attention to details. We work with both residential and commercial clients in West Palm Beach County, FL to restore the former condition of various treasured belongings and extend their life.

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